Ultimate Adventure in Haines, Alaska for All Ages

Few things hold the interest of a preschooler, a very pregnant mama, an outdoorsy husband, and around 30 other people of varying ages and backgrounds. Somehow, we managed to find exactly the thing which fit this description. This fun adventure for all ages is a trip on a mule into the gorgeous sub-alpine landscape of Haines, Alaska. Make sure to do the […]

Zulily becomes ZOO-lily with National Geographic TODAY!!!

TODAY – February 26th – Zulily (one of our favorite indulgences) is having a National Geographic event! You’ll save big when you buy so don’t miss out! We have SO many of the books – vary brilliantly colored and vibrantly attractive to all ages – and we even have some of the “vintage” episodes of Really […]

There and Back: An Alaska Highway Road Trip and Cruise Itinerary

It feels good to not live out of a suitcase after 33 days of doing so, BUT… it was an amazing trip! Our little (not-so-little) guy was a trooper. On the very last day the plains of Saskatchewan and North Dakota got to be a bit too much and we made a 12 hr push […]

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