If you live in New Mexico or the desert southwest, I’m guessing this might be something you’d use on cool desert nights, maybe in the winter, maybe not. I haven’t been to the desert in almost ten years. But I live in the Upper Midwest, where not only are our winters burly, our women are… [Continue Reading]

Stormy Kromer Womens Wool Vest

I’m in love and I’m not afraid to shout it to the world! Seriously. It’s how I’m feeling about my newest performance layer — part of the Reflex line of active wear from Terramar Sports. Never before have I felt comfortable in capris and also had them act almost like Spanx adding a bit of… [Continue Reading]

Terramar Sports Reflex Capri Leggings

Yes, you read that correctly. We recently received at 64 oz. Hydro Flask growler to take on our adventures and it is indeed PERFECT for FAMILIES. Why Every Family Needs a Growler Sure, I used to be able to use a growler for its intended purpose: copious amounts of carbonated barley pop. These days? Well,… [Continue Reading]

It feels good to not live out of a suitcase after 33 days of doing so, BUT… it was an amazing trip! Our little (not-so-little) guy was a trooper. On the very last day the plains of Saskatchewan and North Dakota got to be a bit too much and we made a 12 hr push… [Continue Reading]

Expanding Horizons Canadian Rockies

I know, I know. Maybe you consider Laramie or Cody or heck, maybe even Jackson is “western” to you. But for our family, the west came alive — really came alive — when we were in Western North Dakota! Sure, there’s a whole lot of West out there, between the Mighty Mississippi and the Pacific,… [Continue Reading]

Theodore National Park North Dakota - South Unit, Wind Canyon

Successful Road Trips Part 1: Top Five Albums for Family Road Trips

I dread when my husband reaches for the radio dial. Yes – we still DO listen to the radio. Me? I’m an NPR, talk radio kind of gal. Needless to say, this does not please my son nor does it thrill my husband. But I cannot stand his constant Classic Country either. And neither of […]

If You Take a Kid Fishing

We’ve had a big week at FGPO. We’ve been outside and finally the sun is deciding to come out and play a bit. Ice is receding. Spring has sprung! In celebration, we decided to do a little spring fishing. If that failed, we’d look for crayfish. Either way, we were due for a good time. […]

Winter Weekend Getaway – Warm Fun at Watiki Indoor Waterpark

Fun Indoors at a Waterpark So I know what you’re thinking… this is a guide to parenting outside, right? What are you doing indoors? Well, I have to level with you. We do not spend ALL of our time outside. We might wish we could sometimes. We spend a majority of our days and lots […]

Ice Fishing with Kids: Considerations and Tips

Part of the reason I moved back to the Midwest from Alaska was that I desperately missed ice fishing. I know. You all think I’m crazy because Alaska has some of the best fishing in the world. I caught a 120 lb. halibut there, I do know it rocks. I caught crab, rockfish, Dolly Varden, […]

Egg Carton, Lint, and Crayon Fire Starter Bundles – DIY

Protect Your Stash I have been saving dryer lint all winter. I had a mound that would fill a large coffee can – no small feat when you try to air dry by hanging items all over your basement and lint compacts a ton. So I decided to keep saving it, to use it to […]

Choosing a Camp Cook Stove

No matter if you are a car camper or a backcountry brute, you’ll need something to get your food from raw to cooked. If you’re into the over-the-fire cooking, great. Just let me impress upon you the words of Smokey Bear: Only YOU can prevent forest fires! [PS – there is no ‘the’ in his […]

How to Put Together a Camp Kitchen Kit

How to Pack a Kitchenette Kit for Car Camping Camping is an adventure in every aspect—don’t let the hardcore backcountry folks make you feel bad about car camping – it’s still camping, it still requires planning, and it’s where our family has had some of the most fun on epic road trips. One thing that […]

Making Winter Fun ~ A Funky Fire

Yes, it is cold out. Mother Nature has joined forces with Old Man Winter and the result has had Jack Frost nipping noses, fingers, toes, cheeks and any other exposed skin this year. March is always a big snowfall month and in prelude to the impending end of winter we’ve gotten serenaded by the soft […]

YEAR OF GEAR: Our Favorite Gear of 2013

YEAR OF GEAR: Our Favorite Gear of 2013 Well, the New Year is well under way and with that, we’d like to review our YEAR OF GEAR. It’s a combination of kids, adult and general gear that just completely blow you away with quality and functionality. Ducksday Fleece & Rainsuits – My husband commented on how […]

Campfire Cooking: Easy as Pie

Campfire Pies So, this is a quick and dirty recipe. It’s really simple and you probably won’t need to ever look at this again to remember it. 1)      Pie filling (canned is best) and if you are super savvy you probably could have some kind of sauce or filling that you have prepared yourself to […]

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