Yes, you read that correctly. We recently received at 64 oz. Hydro Flask growler to take on our adventures and it is indeed PERFECT for FAMILIES. Why Every Family Needs a Growler Sure, I used to be able to use a growler for its intended purpose: copious amounts of carbonated barley pop. These days? Well,… [Continue Reading]

It feels good to not live out of a suitcase after 33 days of doing so, BUT… it was an amazing trip! Our little (not-so-little) guy was a trooper. On the very last day the plains of Saskatchewan and North Dakota got to be a bit too much and we made a 12 hr push… [Continue Reading]

Expanding Horizons Canadian Rockies

I know, I know. Maybe you consider Laramie or Cody or heck, maybe even Jackson is “western” to you. But for our family, the west came alive — really came alive — when we were in Western North Dakota! Sure, there’s a whole lot of West out there, between the Mighty Mississippi and the Pacific,… [Continue Reading]

Theodore National Park North Dakota - South Unit, Wind Canyon

Our adventurous toddler isn’t one to be left out but the toddler boots on the market left much to be desired in comfort and warmth. Until Stonz Booties came to our household gear closet.  We were able to try out a pair of Stonz Booties with Linerz this winter and found they are warm and… [Continue Reading]

Stonz Wear Booties

Keep your cold cold and your hot hot with this durable Hydro Flask food container this season! Cold has settled in on us here in the Midwest. We usually welcome winter in these parts — what else are you going to do? It’s white around here (most years) from November to April. Sometimes longer —… [Continue Reading]

Hydro Flask Food Flask

Lowry Park Zoo + National Geographic + TOMS Footwear = Big Cat Conservation

Big Cat Week has come and gone (back in 2105 that is – remember? Live safaris, African landscapes…) but you can celebrate big cats throughout the year and we really hope that you will! I was acting something like my preschooler on Christmas morning as I saw the package awaiting my return home — TOMS Footwear. Stick […]

We’re HOOKed – Travel High Chair by Joovy

My littlest is already so big! You know what that means? My arms need a break. I’d love to sit down and eat a real meal again. Our preschooler is bored with my one-armed attempts at games and playing. There have been so many times already that the Joovy Hook has come in handy — that’s […]

It’s the Bomb(er)! A Childhood Classic Persists [review]

If you grew up anywhere but Southern California, you likely remember the days on the playground sporting your sweet new Mad Bomber hat during the winter. Where I great up, Mad Bombers were ubiquitous – like the snow. During Christmas break it was not strange to find upon returning to school, kids had gotten the […]

Mountainsmith Tour TLS [review]

Ever since I left the fire line, I’ve felt there has been a piece of my heart that was left behind as well. Somewhere (though NOT in San Francisco, as the song goes) under the ashes and now likely the green regrowth of a past wildfire area, is where my heart dwells. In many of […]

Winter Tracking Adventures with Kids

One of the best parts about the winter snow is that it presents the PERFECT conditions for figuring out who you share this great big world with! “Sticky snow” is way better than the fresh dusty powder for this hiking activity, but it’s still possible to have a little tracking adventure in any conditions. (Mud […]

Motivating Kids to Explore [with Jeff and Paige!]

If you’re lucky like me, you have a kid or two that is genuinely excited about being outside, the natural world, animals…the whole bit. Even being fortunate that way, we still have days where we have a power struggle about screen time vs. get out there and play time. In the creativity department, I’m lame. […]

It’s Not IF but WHEN. Apocabox: Subscription Box [Review] Part 1

As I’ve said, my husband and I have a bit of a prepper streak running through us. I didn’t call it that when I was younger, until I met him. I was just a super great adult girl scout. But prepper sounds less creepy! As the motto here in the title lets on, a typical […]

DIY Survival Kits for the Whole Family feat. Nalgene

We’ve read the books. We’ve played around with building fires and setting deadfall traps. We’ve even dabbled a bit in shelter building. Our four-year-old could probably best some of the folks on the popular reality TV series. He has a genuine interest in survival and wilderness skills. If your kid is like ours, then you’ll […]

Survival for Families: Talking to Young Kids About Survival

Sometimes, if there is an important message or concept we want to make sure “hits home” with our young son, we will use a book to illustrate our point. This is also helpful if a message could be interpreted as scary or a “big” concept, like death. However, with survival, we keep it real. We […]

Kids, Bullying, Wolves and Hope – How They All Relate

It’s built into our nature and that of other mammals to develop a “pecking order.” A hierarchy. To establish rank and class. Some of this behavior is natural and if not beneficial, than at least benign. At times though, its extreme. This is when we cross over from “finding one’s place in the world” to […]

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