Outdoor Mom Academy

Last spring, a few super capable moms and outdoor bloggers got together and created something awesome. The Outdoor Mom Academy is back this autumn and I want you to join me, to be a part of something really fun. Since we love to encourage parents to be outdoors with their children whenever possible, this seemed […]

Why the SOG Vulcan is the Perfect EDC [Review]

Choosing your “everyday carry” (EDC) knife is like choosing a companion — you want to have this thing by your side all the time. Make sure, as with life, you choose well! We are knife enthusiasts here, my husband putting the perfect edge or blades the “old fashioned” way, my interest in forging and “old-time” […]

Wild Mama [Book Review]

I’m a total bookworm. The only thing I love better than a good book is enjoying a good book outside! What could possibly make that even better? A good book, outside, about yearning to balance being a mom with being outside. So basically, Carrie Visintainer wrote all of the thoughts that I’m feeling everyday down […]

Terramar Sports: Our Everyday Go-To Gear

Inside. Outside. North Country Trail. Aldi. We where them all the time and everywhere. It’s no secret — I ADORE my Terramar Sports base layers. I feel like they should be called “everyday layers” or simply Amanda’s clothes. I am wearing an article of Terramar gear almost everyday. Most times at least once everyday, if […]

It’s Not IF but WHEN. Apocabox: Subscription Box [Review] Part 2

So in Part 1, I introduced you to Apocabox, the subscription box that comes every two months from survival expert and Weather Channel host of Fat Guys in the Woods, Creek Stewart. I also alluded to the prepper streak running through the family. Keeping with the theme, here is Part 2, which again, includes Creek’s motto: it’s not […]

Winter Tracking Adventures with Kids

One of the best parts about the winter snow is that it presents the PERFECT conditions for figuring out who you share this great big world with! “Sticky snow” is way better than the fresh dusty powder for this hiking activity, but it’s still possible to have a little tracking adventure in any conditions. (Mud […]

It’s Not IF but WHEN. Apocabox: Subscription Box [Review] Part 1

As I’ve said, my husband and I have a bit of a prepper streak running through us. I didn’t call it that when I was younger, until I met him. I was just a super great adult girl scout. But prepper sounds less creepy! As the motto here in the title lets on, a typical […]

DIY Survival Kits for the Whole Family feat. Nalgene

We’ve read the books. We’ve played around with building fires and setting deadfall traps. We’ve even dabbled a bit in shelter building. Our four-year-old could probably best some of the folks on the popular reality TV series. He has a genuine interest in survival and wilderness skills. If your kid is like ours, then you’ll […]

Survival for Families: Talking to Young Kids About Survival

Sometimes, if there is an important message or concept we want to make sure “hits home” with our young son, we will use a book to illustrate our point. This is also helpful if a message could be interpreted as scary or a “big” concept, like death. However, with survival, we keep it real. We […]

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