Why North Dakota Should be on Your Wanderlist

It’s a tradition for us to celebrate the last of summer by venturing out into the “wilds” or at least to a place that seems more wild than home. If you’d have asked me before this trip, I’d likely NOT have answered a “where do you want to go” type question with: North Dakota! I’d […]

Best Family Road Trip Songs

We’ve all been there (if you have kids or have taken kids on a driving trip) — about an hour in to  your trip, the kids want music. Dad likes country. Mom likes folk or bluegrass and indie. The kids like crazy stuff that you’d swear could be used for some ruthless interrogation tactics. How […]

It’s Here! It’s Here! The Okee Dokee Brothers – Saddle Up Adventure Album!

We’ve had access to the Okee Dokee Brothers “Saddle Up” for a few months now. Yeah, I know. It’s pretty awesome!  We’ve been singing along and vicariously living the cowboy life (much to my preschoolers’ delight.) Just as with Can You Canoe? and Through the Woods, the first two Adventure Albums they put out. So […]

National Geographic Family Expeditions: Where Will They Take You?

I’m raising little travelers. Tourists too, yes, but mainly little travelers. They adore water parks at this age. They love hotels because hotels mean pools. If given a choice though, I’m confident my children would choose Liard Hot Springs over a hotel hot tub hands down. I encourage my kids to dream big and then […]

Terramar Sports: Our Everyday Go-To Gear

Inside. Outside. North Country Trail. Aldi. We where them all the time and everywhere. It’s no secret — I ADORE my Terramar Sports base layers. I feel like they should be called “everyday layers” or simply Amanda’s clothes. I am wearing an article of Terramar gear almost everyday. Most times at least once everyday, if […]

We’re HOOKed – Travel High Chair by Joovy

My littlest is already so big! You know what that means? My arms need a break. I’d love to sit down and eat a real meal again. Our preschooler is bored with my one-armed attempts at games and playing. There have been so many times already that the Joovy Hook has come in handy — that’s […]

Motivating Kids to Explore [with Jeff and Paige!]

If you’re lucky like me, you have a kid or two that is genuinely excited about being outside, the natural world, animals…the whole bit. Even being fortunate that way, we still have days where we have a power struggle about screen time vs. get out there and play time. In the creativity department, I’m lame. […]

Playing it Micro Cool with Terramar Sports [review]

MicroCool is still hot in our family. At least until November — then we’ll probably be rushing our closets to find those heftier layers to pile on as autumn winds weave in and out of the aspen leaves, ushering them to the ground with a chilly breath. Summer was a HOT one! If you are […]

Survival for Families: An Autumn Mini-Series – S.O.S.

We’ve all (likely) seen either Survivorman, Man Vs. Wild, Dual Survival, Naked and Afraid, Survivor, Dude, You’re Screwed, Fat Guys in the Woods, or some form of other survival show. I’m sure I’m forgetting about 30 of them currently screened on any number of popular networks these days. There isn’t a corner of Alaska that […]

Animals of Banff and Jasper National Parks in Alberta, Canada

One of the main goals in traveling and adventuring further than the backyard is showing children new ecosystems and the species which call it home. This photo tour of a Canadian Rockies roadschool adventure is sure to inspire some wild lessons and great itineraries to help celebrate Parks Canada for their 150th anniversary in 2017. [Note – […]

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