Why North Dakota Should be on Your Wanderlist

It’s a tradition for us to celebrate the last of summer by venturing out into the “wilds” or at least to a place that seems more wild than home. If you’d have asked me before this trip, I’d likely NOT have answered a “where do you want to go” type question with: North Dakota! I’d […]

National Geographic Family Expeditions: Where Will They Take You?

I’m raising little travelers. Tourists too, yes, but mainly little travelers. They adore water parks at this age. They love hotels because hotels mean pools. If given a choice though, I’m confident my children would choose Liard Hot Springs over a hotel hot tub hands down. I encourage my kids to dream big and then […]

Animals of Banff and Jasper National Parks in Alberta, Canada

One of the main goals in traveling and adventuring further than the backyard is showing children new ecosystems and the species which call it home. This photo tour of a Canadian Rockies roadschool adventure is sure to inspire some wild lessons and great itineraries to help celebrate Parks Canada for their 150th anniversary in 2017. [Note – […]

From the Fireline to the Forest with Family: The BEST Socks for Adventure!

How The Quest Began After a short career — about ten years — in fire boots (I mean trees, not houses, by the way — wildfire), I hung up the boots at least temporarily to become a mostly full-time mom. It’s been great. I miss the line everyday. But I do not miss spending my […]

There and Back: An Alaska Highway Road Trip and Cruise Itinerary

It feels good to not live out of a suitcase after 33 days of doing so, BUT… it was an amazing trip! Our little (not-so-little) guy was a trooper. On the very last day the plains of Saskatchewan and North Dakota got to be a bit too much and we made a 12 hr push […]

How to Plan a Long Family Road Trip

As most of you now know, we’re headed to Alaska for a month. Canada will take about ten days of that time. We are going to be traveling in a borrowed minivan as light as possible, which is always a huge test of my will power. Here’s how we’re doing the pre-planning as we’re counting […]

Getting Kids Excited About the Exploration + a Fun Announcement

If you gauged who our family is by the circle of wonderful folks that we sometimes get to hang out with (like once in a blue moon) you would probably be surprised it’s not a Mountain Man convention. Nor is it a hippie circle with acoustic guitars and hand-knit organic beanies. We have mostly suburban […]

Successful Road Trips Part 1: Top Five Albums for Family Road Trips

I dread when my husband reaches for the radio dial. Yes – we still DO listen to the radio. Me? I’m an NPR, talk radio kind of gal. Needless to say, this does not please my son nor does it thrill my husband. But I cannot stand his constant Classic Country either. And neither of […]

If You Take a Kid Fishing

We’ve had a big week at FGPO. We’ve been outside and finally the sun is deciding to come out and play a bit. Ice is receding. Spring has sprung! In celebration, we decided to do a little spring fishing. If that failed, we’d look for crayfish. Either way, we were due for a good time. […]

Ice Fishing with Kids: Considerations and Tips

Part of the reason I moved back to the Midwest from Alaska was that I desperately missed ice fishing. I know. You all think I’m crazy because Alaska has some of the best fishing in the world. I caught a 120 lb. halibut there, I do know it rocks. I caught crab, rockfish, Dolly Varden, […]

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