Why the SOG Vulcan is the Perfect EDC [Review]

Choosing your “everyday carry” (EDC) knife is like choosing a companion — you want to have this thing by your side all the time. Make sure, as with life, you choose well! We are knife enthusiasts here, my husband putting the perfect edge or blades the “old fashioned” way, my interest in forging and “old-time” metal artisans. We have a few in our backpacks, to say the least. SOG Knives have always been admired in our family, usually from afar. I remember my late grandfather having one and losing it while deer hunting, something he lamented in many retellings of the story. So, when the opportunity came to review the SOG Vulcan, I was ecstatic, planning it as a surprise gift. Read on to see why it’s such an awesome choice for an EDC.

SOG Vulcan

Photo Credit: ©2017 Field Guide to Parenting Outside

The SOG Vulcan

There are a lot of things to like about the SOG Vulcan — it’s light and durable and in fact has gotten rave reviews across the web attesting to the durability, something I hope will hold true for us as time goes on.

The texture and ergonomics of the handle feel good in your hand.  The texture of the grip isn’t super aggressive, so if you were working on something tedious, it wouldn’t create a tremendous amount of rubbing and friction against the skin. It felt good in MY hand (average sized female) and I had it pass the buddy test with a friend who is an enormous beast of a man and he too liked the feel and heft of the folding SOG Vulcan. This is probably of chief import when it comes to choosing an EDC — you need to want to hold the thing on a regular basis!

The enitre Vulcan is about eight-ish inches long with 3.5″ being the blade; this means it’s legal to carry in most places but you might want to research laws. Or not. That’s up to you. As I said, it’s light, a whopping five ounces. It’s not going to sag your pocket or create an uneven feel — if you’ve ever carried an older Bendix-King radio in a cargo pocket, you know the feeling is so lame! Worry not, the SOG Vulcan won’t drag you down.

SOG Vulcan EDC

Photo Credit: ©2017 Field Guide to Parenting Outside

The SOG Vulcan Blade and Stylings  

While folded, you can see the exposed stainless steel blade with SOG logo for style — it just looks good. I chose stainless steel because I wanted a message written along the blade, but it comes in tactical black too. Other popular options in this style (Vulcan) knife include the Tanto blade and the mini. You can have a whole family of Vulcans, really.

While I care very little about the looks of an EDC knife, there’s a bit of pride that comes from knowing your holding a useful, durable, good-looking blade. You can field-dress a deer or whittle a stick with something ugly as ever, it matters not, but, you’ll likely enjoy the work just a tad more with something appealing in hand. At least, if you’re me. SOG has all the visual appeal of a manly knife that a girl can love too.

I like the thumb stud for deployment, but my husband prefers an index finger deployment. We’re both satisfied with the Vulcan, since it has both options for flipping it open and is an ambidextrous deployment as well. The stud action is really smooth, as is the flick of the index action.

Pictured is the SOG Vulcan we were sent – drop point blade, satin finish on stainless steel with a textured black grip. I love the lanyard option, if I can get my manly man to use it. He’s lost more knives to dropping them in fields and wilderness wanderings than I care to tally. The little length of paracord could save your ass when you reach for your EDC and find it’s dropped off somewhere between the truck and the six miles you hiked that day. The carry clip allows for “tip-up” in pocket positioning, which is nice for quick deployment, but to have a safety string to ensure it stays by your side, as an everyday carry is intended is just good sense to me!

SOG Vulcan Knife

Photo Credit: ©2017 Field Guide to Parenting Outside

The SOG Vulcan – Final Thoughts

The blade is substantial and is made of VG10 steel. It is WICKED sharp and looks as though it will hold an edge well. The locking mechanism will prove useful for skinning and hunting use as well as the potential for good utility in a survival situation. Since the idea is to be able (and willing) to put the knife through the paces each day you as you need it, the SOG Vulcan seems pretty darn perfect for a light, durable everyday carry knife which would prove useful for defense, survival and all-around tasks.


Disclosure: I was sent a SOG Vulcan to test, photograph, use and review. All opinions are my own, as usual.
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