Terramar Sports Women’s Reflex Capri [Review]

I’m in love and I’m not afraid to shout it to the world! Seriously. It’s how I’m feeling about my newest performance layer — part of the Reflex line of active wear from Terramar Sports. Never before have I felt comfortable in capris and also had them act almost like Spanx adding a bit of compression to my running, paddling, and even yes, grocery shopping endeavors. You might be thinking: she’s obviously wearing the capris everyday. Yikes. You might be right.

Terramar Sports Reflex Capri Leggings

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Terramar Sports is easily my go-to outfitter for all things active wear. I wear the heavy base layers for winter sports and go for the cooling active tops and bottoms during the steamy summer months. Not surprisingly, the Terramar Sports Reflex line of performance wear has done it again with some great capris — perfect for early morning jogging or just lazing in a tube, in the middle of a lake somewhere.

Terramar Reflex Women’s Capri Bottoms

I was able to take the Women’s Reflex Capri (not the tulip style) for a spin early this summer and not only was I stoked to see that all the skiing had paid off (I’d dropped a full size!!) but I also immediately loved the feel. The weight is perfect, they breathe, they are even form fitting in a complimentary way. I have the “Black Heather” color, which lends itself to even more a flattering appearance.

Terramar Sports Reflex Womens Capris

Photo Credit: Field Guide to Parenting Outside ©2017 All Rights Reserved

Material: 52% Poly, 30% Nylon, 18% Elastane¬†a.k.a. “A Magical Combination of Materials”

The slight compression is great not only for running (early morning runs here are chilly — sometimes 34 degrees in the summer) and the capris do a nice job of keeping away the “itchies” from those cool, shaky jogging jaunts. It’s also what makes them so flattering.

There is a generous waistband width, so it’s not cutting into your sides but instead forms with your body. I didn’t find them to be particularly “quick dry” — but I field tested them while in the lake, so it was an extreme wetness kind of test. I think they are pretty quick dry if you are running or getting an occasional paddle splash back than full-on swimming with them on. However, that said, if you’re floating a river all day or something and you’ll be exposed to the sun, wear em! They feel great wet or dry.

These capri leggings will be available for $50 from the Terramar Sports website soon. Full-length leggings of the same type will be available for $55.

Disclosure: I am a Terramar Tribe Member and as such received this pair of leggings on a complimentary basis to field test and review. All opinions are my own.

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