Hydro Flask 64 Oz. Growler Review – Perfect for Families!

Yes, you read that correctly. We recently received at 64 oz. Hydro Flask growler to take on our adventures and it is indeed PERFECT for FAMILIES.

Hydro Flask Growler beverage

Why Every Family Needs a Growler

Sure, I used to be able to use a growler for its intended purpose: copious amounts of carbonated barley pop. These days? Well, I wouldn’t need a growler. Generally, I take a flight at the local brew pub and I’m pretty set. BUT, a family can still use a growler. Really. 

We recently hosted our “family fun day” — it’s what our crazy family does instead of a traditional Christmas indoors with a tree and presents and turkey and food coma. We find a fun outdoorsy setting, try to plan it for the best possible winter weather pattern (above zero qualifies as fantastic fun day weather) and we head for the hills. Or the woods. Or the ice. This year, we did all three.

Wooded hills near a lake. Since the shack on the state park grounds was heated to about 45 degrees and had electricity and plug-ins, we opted for some veggies and a simply meal of baked beans, sloppy Joe’s, and chips. An all-day outing in the winter means no running water. Instead of several water bottles or juice bags, we brought one giant growler full of hot chocolate for our family of four. It lasted all afternoon and we were able to enjoy hot chocolate warm-ups between skiing and snowshoeing and snacking!

Hydro Flask Growler – Beer or Not-Beer, Never Fear! 

The odds are pretty good it might be more useful than you think! Even if you’re not filling up with your favorite IPA, this growler can help your crew streamline the drinks on your next outing. The growler kept our hot chocolate perfectly drinkable (not hot-hot, but it didn’t start out hot because I have a delicate palette according to my husband, so I keep things a tad cooler than most hot-beverage folks like! But hey, the kids don’t complain!)

I know it’s meant to keep beer deliciously carbonated and chilled. And in an exciting turn of events, we’ll be visiting a brewery during steamy August this summer, so we might just fill’r up with some brew as we walk about. However, I feel the Hydro Flask growler (64 oz. model) serves double duty.

Stemming from my days on the fireline, I do not mind lukewarm water at all. I need my beer to be cold though. My husband is all too familiar with my snobbery, passing him half of my beer which warmed a few degrees and was then rendered undrinkable. To have a container which when properly filled with beer will keep it chill, well, that’s all a gal can ask for! But the same can be said for plain old water or even sweet tea, too! It’s nice to be “spoiled” with cooler beverages and though the snow is settled in, it won’t be forever. The next family hike will feature not hot chocolate, but cool, refreshing water, poured for all of us!

Hydro Flask Growler Features

Hydro Flask Growler Beer

Photo Credit: Amanda Williams

The side handle makes it easy to pour and carry.

Also important for the pour and carry is the non-slip, matte finish. I LOVE this vessel. I love all of our Hydro Flask containers and bottles for this reason. It’s a cathartic moment to hold your drinking container and not fumble it (especially 64 oz. — that’s a lot of weight) because ultimately, it lands on your pinky toe. The kids rarely do the pouring honors with a big container, but I think even they could handle this one!

I have a confession — I LOVE the metallic print of the marketing wrap the Hydro Flask products come in and always take them out for their maiden adventure with the wrap still on. The bottles somehow seem naked without them. And of course, I chose a white growler, so in the snow I wasn’t taking any chances! We’ve removed it from our food flask, but the growler wrap is still hanging on!

Growler Love

Sometimes, a pint just won’t do. This is a common theme in parenting, I think. Whether you’re talking a delicious IPA (or heff or APA…I love beer!) OR you’re simply talking about Juicy Juice…sometimes when the whole pack is out adventuring, it’s easier to just have one large vessel along with the smaller individual bottles to keep filling. I know my kids are still pretty small and though they are expected to carry SOME weight and gear, it’s not going to be 64 oz. of liquid! This is a great way to plan for a full day of fun.

You can purchase a growler from Hydro Flask from their site for around $65. The things are built to last, so it’s really about investing in quality. But they’re also pretty darn great, so you won’t be bummed when you get your box in the mail!

Disclosure: Though I like to keep it real, so all opinions are my own, we did receive a growler from the fine folks at Hydro Flask to try out.

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