Kids Gear Review: Stonz Booties for Toddlers Winter

Our adventurous toddler isn’t one to be left out but the toddler boots on the market left much to be desired in comfort and warmth. Until Stonz Booties came to our household gear closet

We were able to try out a pair of Stonz Booties with Linerz this winter and found they are warm and really versatile, boots. The booties cost about $41.99 and Linerz will cost another $9.99 – $17.99, depending on if you hit a sale or not.

Stonz booties

Stonz Wear Booties Fit Toddler Feet

The booties are sized for newborns to 2.5 year olds — we went a little too big for our two year old, and I’d say even with linerz they have a little too much slack. I’d size down if you want an immediate, perfect fit for THIS season, size up if you’re hoping to stretch two seasons and your kid has big paws. However, I think sizing for the immediate fit is better, since a three year-old is going to have more structural needs for next season than what these booties may have to offer your child.

Stonz Wear Booties Toddler boots

devinfoto product photography, commercial product photographer, Vancouver, Photo Courtesy of Stonz Wear, with permission

We love that the booties are water and wind-resistant with coated nylon uppers — the adorable fox (and more than a dozen other combinations of color and character) mean a cute impression whilst also keeping warm. The Linerz are thick fleece and are fantastic quality. It would be great to have some adjustable bungee or cord to fasten the linerz around the ankle and then the booties over the top. Currently, the fold-down method over the top of the bootie works fine, but being rather unstructured boots, they do slip off occasionally, even with the booties drawstring.

Toddler Winter Boots, Reimaginedstonz booties

Our child is quite particular about his footwear. The other part which is hard to recover from is the frugal side of me thinking “they grow so fast, we don’t need to invest much in boots until he’s bigger.” No matter what age or stage, good books make or break outings and you really do get what you pay for in quality and function with footwear. These booties have soft, skid-resistant soles which help toddlers navigate snow but aren’t prone to tripping, like some gnarly grip bottoms are. This is particularly difficult for new walkers, so the soles absolutely rock for those just finding their sea snow legs. As I said, two drawstrings on each boot help to cinch them tighter and keep them in place.

Stonz Booties Fit Over Shoes for Outdoor Activities 

Months later and the booties look as new as the day we first donned them. It’s nice to slip them over a small pair of regular shoes or sandals (Linerz removed) to gain a little more protection and wind break. Our boots had extra room for slush season since they were a little big. Even in the cold winter weather, if the booties stayed on, they kept feet warm. Prices are mid-range — we have found the only other footwear to stay on and not induce fits are the multi-season neoprene rubber boots made for kids. However, these do not have the cozy Linerz, so we loved our Booties for winter cold!

Stonz Booties and Linerz Keep Toddler Feet Warm

Ultimately, warmth reigns supreme and Stonz Booties are indeed warm on toddler feet. While our child could have probably sized down, we made them work. With the shapeless design, they can fit a wider range of feet. We loved the soft soles on slippery snow instead of aggressively grippy soles which are often associated with tripping on ice. The cost isn’t too bad, especially if you are saving yourself massive meltdowns while gearing up to get after the powder or even just to go for a wintry walk. We’d recommend these booties for the very young child with a very adventurous spirit.

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