Hydro Flask 12 oz. Food Flask [Gear Review]

Keep your cold cold and your hot hot with this durable Hydro Flask food container this season!

Cold has settled in on us here in the Midwest. We usually welcome winter in these parts — what else are you going to do? It’s white around here (most years) from November to April. Sometimes longer — I do recall Halloween costumes with snowsuits and planting trees in May during snow showers. We know how to dress for the weather — after all, there are no bad days outside, only bad clothes (ahem, cotton?!) One thing I must be reminded of each season it seems is how affected we are by warming from the inside, out! There are reasons SAR folks offer a warm drink to those they recover from exposure.

Hydro Flask size

My husband will usually get two sandwiches and various snacks (generally whatever pantry detritus is rejected by the children) and that is what he will take into the woods to do things foresters do. Sometimes I misjudge an office day for a field day and he eats cold stew. Oops! Since trying the Hydro Flask Food Flask though, I’ve been confident that whether he’s got his feet up on his desk planning spring planting or if he’s trekking through crusty snow in the pines, he’ll have warm stew. The only problem now is that we have ONE flask! I’d sure like to plan ahead while out with the kids and have warm food to offer them when the temptation of all the fast food lights and signs are all over!

Food Flask Features

Sold in 12 oz. and 18 oz. capacities

Comes with the Lifetime Hydro Flask Warranty

Can be used to keep foods warm or cold

Hydro Flask steel

Reusable Container for Hot AND Cold Foods

Wide mouth for easy dipping and spooning — whether you dunk biscuits or sip from spoons, the container is welcoming to those looking for lunch. I wouldn’t recommend sipping direct from the vessel as it does tend to slop over.

Pacific color is darling! Truly. LOVE the color. It’s odd that there are only three colors to choose from in the 12 oz. size though.

Really burly build — can withstand my husband using it which cannot be said for MANY things.Hydro Flask Food Flask 12 oz

Stainless steel so no tastes or smells or funk in general carry on after the food is gone. Thank goodness! The only place I could see this happening really is the gasket within the lid. However, that handy warranty mentioned above should cover a new lid. In most thermos lids I’ve had in the past, as long as you wash it well, it’s good to go.

It’s amazing how a warm pick-me-up can help you stay vigilant in your outdoor excursions.

This might not be the most convenient use, BUT, this handy container can be a great replacement for styrofoam to-go boxes at your favorite restaurant. It’s a super eco-alternative, if a little cumbersome to throw in your purse on the way out.

I’m a big fan of the matte finish. I don’t even know why. Maybe because it’s something different. All of my coffee mugs are smooth and shiny. The matte feels good in your hand. Maybe it even helps you grip the flask right before you dig in to lunch.

The only thing that could be better is having two. And if they were dishwasher safe. They are hand wash only according to the label and we haven’t tempted fate. We’ve had coffee mugs before with the double insulated stainless and somehow fluid has gotten inside the hollow walls when we’ve used the dishwasher. Truth be told, I have my hippie chores (washing and drying baggies) so this is just one extra item. Not that bad!

Hydro Flask hot food

Where to Get It

You can find Hydro Flask products direcly from the HydroFlask website or at several retailers like: REI, Dick’s Sporting Goods, some Whole Foods stores and of course, Amazon.  The retail price for a 12 oz. Food Flask is around $29.95.


Disclosure: Consideration was provided by Hydro Flask. All opinions are my own.

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