Terramar Sports Thermawool Full Zip Midlayer [Gear Review]

The full zip makes it easy to lose or gain a degree or two with a quick zip of a few inches up or down and the roll-top neck provides protection from wind and cold when needed. The deep poppy heather color adds a bit of panache to a practical top.

Thermawool for All Seasons

The extreme northern Midwest it has been argued by some should be a new region of the US entirely — some say “North Country” or “Border Country” are appropriate terms. Most of the time, we’re layered up. Even in summer, which is fleeting, we need our long-sleeved layers nearby. The Thermawool Full Zip top is a great piece allowing layers below and on top for easy climate control.

I’ve been skiing and snowshoeing, using a Cloud Nine base next-to-skin on top and bottom, with Thermawool over that, followed by a fleece vest to keep in my core heat. It’s been the perfect pairing to both stop cool winds from chilling me to the bone AND to keep me from sweating to death while working outdoors in the cold conditions. However, once the temperature is down far into the subzero range + wind chill (like -30) I need to start looking for my jacket!

Terramar Thermawool

Thermawool Full Zip Women’s Mid Layer: Functional Fashion

The top is UPF 50+ so adventures in the sub-alpine looking for Goshawks or hiking in the high desert are both great ways to wear your thermawool top. The natural wool fiber helps to regulate your body temperature so you’re not getting too warm.

I love the form and bit of style this top brings to your collection of adventure clothes — the wool holds its form but is NOT wool sweaters of your youth. The poly blend takes care of the need for comfort — it’s SO buttery soft you could wear it next-to-skin if you wanted. I have been avoiding washing it a ton since I didn’t want to lose that soft touch, but as it turns out, it stays soft. It also has naturally antimicrobial properties, so I wear it several times without the threat of stink. I have plenty of layers which have been trashed by armpit smell. Gross, I know. But I’m a hippie and I sweat a ton, so it happens. But not in my Thermawool Full Zip!

This versatile wool-poly blend midlayer by Terramar Sports is a new contender in the list of my favorite things in life, somewhere after my kids and coffee. I feel confident wearing the top as part of an ensemble for dinner and drinks Terramar Sports Thermawool with friends as much as I do on the trail, trying to train the pup on freshly groomed snow.

Terramar Sports Base Layers for Women 

One aspect I love about my Thermawool Full Zip is that it is specifically designed with women in mind! (There is a men’s version too.) Gone are the days of tugging on men’s clothing and wearing suspenders or feeling like a fluffy mess just to stay warm. I love the full line of women’s layers we have available now. Colors and prints as well as more tailored fit items are available through Terramar Sports so you can hike like a girl but still hike like a boss! This top is absolutely an item worth the price (it retails for around $70 which makes it a slightly more expensive item, but no more so than competitive outdoor brands fleece tops which lack the versatility the wool brings to the table.) You can wear the Thermawool Full Zip in black, poppy, and jade. For the quality, material, and cute colors, it’s a fair price for a midlayer.

I have to admit, I wasn’t a fan of the ruching on the top when I viewed it on the website, but in person, I love the little extra bit of diversity and style it lends to the top. I didn’t think I’d love the extra material of the neck, but it has saved my skin a few times now. The inner fleece of the high collar is like snuggling a cat or bunny or some other wonderfully soft thing right next to your cheek. It’s marvelous! Having pockets is something I truly enjoy — I lose my keys, phone, chapstick and other life-stuff if I do not have them, though I do wish they zipped closed to ensure I still have those items if I eat it while skiing!


Disclosure: I am proudly a Terramar Sports Tribe member. I serve as an ambassador for the brand. As such, I am offered gear for field testing and for trying out on all of our outdoor (and indoor at times) adventures. However, my goal is to give you great information about fit and feel and function, so I try to be as clear and inclusive as possible. This is my honest experience and I hope you enjoy the read!

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