Veyo Mittyz – Kids Winter Mittens [Gear Review]

Whimsy and warmth meet for outdoor adventures in the form of Veyo Mittyz, thumbless mittens for kids, which are waterproof and easy-to-don.

Veyo Mittyz Free Fingers and Thumbs

Who needs dexterity when it’s 20 degrees? Not us. At least not for most of our wintry fun! These thumbless mittens made to simplify life outdoors in the cold for kids are JUST what you need if you’ve been thumb-wrestling too often this winter! With sizes spanning the ages of childhood, these neat mittens use this newer concept to keep little digits toasty AND give bigger kids independence when gearing up for adventures.

Veyo Mittyz Kids Winter Mittens Toddler

Thumbless Mittens Make Outdoor Adventure Easy

Reviewing the thumbless Veyo mittyz mittens this season the kids first and foremost (for them) loved the apprearance and feel of the mitts.

The buckles on the mittyz secure at the base of the hand and at the upper forearm area — this makes it difficult for toddlers to protest and chuck them off. It also makes a barrier to prevent snow from entering and freezing wrists.

We LOVE not having a thumb for the toddler size mittyz. I hate to guess how much of my life I’ve lost trying to get little fingers to go into little finger tubes in gloves. Or how often I’ve had to “pop out the thumb” of all of our winter hand coverings! It’s NICE to not have a thumb sometimes!

Children’s Cold Weather Mittens

A beefed up polar level cold covering would be fantastic. These work for our kids for sled rides and snowmobile rides down to around the goose egg — anything colder (subzero) and we start planning for more protection. This of course will depend on what you’re adventures for the day are and your individual children’s ability to withstand cold.

The kids aren’t able to grasp trekking poles real securely or huck snowballs with expertise, BUT they’re able to hold on for winter sleigh rides, snowshoe sans poles, and in general, play and roll around in the snow. Activities when dexterity is not a main element are perfectly executed with little paws (or pirates) on hands.

Veyo Mittyz Raise the Bar on Kids Mittens

The Utah-based company designed these fun and functional mittens to solve common problems in covering kids cold little hands.

You know how kids squeeze their fingers together like they’re taking a Girl Scout pledge when all you want them to
do is spread their damn fingers apart? THAT. Problem solved! Not even little thumbkin gets away with Mittyz!

The price point ($39.95) is a little high for kids mittens (the standard kind) but they are great quality, made from an interesting lightweight yet warm material, and stay on well. Adding up the worth of my time and all that has been lost to getting ready to tromp through snow makes the price more than fair! They dry fast and you can clip them together, keeping them from ending up like the mystery of the left sock disappearance saga.

Thumbs Up for Kids Winter Warmth

If you could see my kids thumbs, they’d be giving Veyo Mittyz a double thumbs-up. The ability to easily slide over bulky coats, the cute designs (including a hot pink tiger paw and skully design, both new) and of course the ease of putting them on, thanks to the no-thumb design make Veyo Mittyz a fun and super functional choice in outdoor cold-weather kids gear for us!

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