25 Things to Do in Your Terramar Sports Baselayers

Are you in a bit of a rut? Looking for something to do in those layers? Try one of these ideas — this is just to get you out the door. The details and depth of what you do is up to you! Enjoy the outdoors!

25. Take a Hike

24. Ride Your Bike

23. Visit the Zoo

22. Go to the Park

21. Dig in the GardenTerramar Sports base layers

20. Build a Climbing Wall

19. Go for a Jog

18. Paddle a Canoe

17. Canicross!

16. Go on a Date

15. Cross Country Ski

14. Go Snowshoeing

13. Jig a hook on hardwater

12. Take a sleigh ride

11. Celebrate Winter Solstice

10. Watch the northern lights

9. Pick berries

8. Go on a night hike

7. Look for animal tracks

6. Fresh air yoga

5. Picnic for lunch

4. Chop firewood

3. Play with your kids

2. Volunteer

1. Go outside and marvel at all there is to do and how comfortable you are.


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