Gear for One and All Gift Guide

This isn’t pretty. It’s just a down and dirty list of what you need to complete your holiday shopping. Some links will take you to reviews. I hope this helps you in finding those special last-minute gifts for the people that rock who are in your life.

Outside Magazine Subscription – This is the first year in over a dozen that my mom has not provided me with a subscription for Christmas — her reasoning? “You didn’t ask for it!” I haven’t asked for it for the last 10 years. It’s a given at this point… Well, apparently not. So, I gifted it to myself this year!

Smartwool Socks A lot of other companies make wool socks these days — Darn Tough even has the lifetime guarantee, no questions asked. BUT, I still end up coming back to Smartwool at the end of the day.

Hydro Flask – MyHydro Bottle Everything can be customized these days and your water bottle shouldn’t be left out. I recently got the chance to select the colors for my own everyday use bottle and I have to say, the result was a really rad drinking vessel.

Duluth Trading Co. Get new hats! I am a huge fan of the Women’s Crusher (which can actually take a beating and get scrunched and packed and still maintain its form) and the Women’s Military Cap. Both excellent choices. Wife. Mom. Friend. All happy campers with a new hat.

My Chaco Why not make a pair of sandals that are like hugs for your feet to match that new water bottle you customized? Like I said, everything can be your own. I especially like My Chaco, though I’m a loyal Chaconian, through and through, because they are made in the USA.

NuuMuu For the mamas or yogis in your life — these shift dresses are comfortable and totally cute. I love the Ruu Muu because it has a hidden pocket for things like your hotel key or car keys. Wear it to the pool or to your pilates class, maybe just walking the dog this summer!

Veyo Mittyz Much like the Booties below, these little Mittyz are a lot like oven mitts. But way cooler and likely warmer (though I couldn’t tell you if oven mitts pass muster in winter activity) these adjust to keep out snow and keep in warmth and have cool designs big and little kids love like pirate bones and tiger stripes.

Stonz Booties For the kids that have a lot of exploring to do and have very little time and patience for footwear. These are somewhat shapeless waterproof boots that have optional liners to get your little mover where he’s going.

The New Primal Jerky for the little rippers — Snack Mates are actually residing in the stockings right now (or will be, once Santa comes) but they are staged for stockings now.

National Geographic 2017 Almanac

Permits and Passes! This experiential gift is one of the coolest one can be gifted. America the Beautiful would be a great pass to be poking out of a stocking this holiday season. It’s a beautiful thing.

Epic Wipes One of the best stocking stuffers for the family that likes to get out and get dirty — pair it with a clue or ticket to an outdoor adventure (perhaps hunting tags or plane tickets) and you have yourself some good clean fun!


Disclosure: The trust of my audience is of the utmost importance to me. That’s why I only recommend equipment I love from companies I trust. I have not been paid to review any of the products listed above. Some things were provided to me on a complimentary basis to review, but I purchased much of it myself. I am under no obligation to give positive reviews to any of the products listed above. This gear is rad. 

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