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Wild Mama [Book Review]

I’m a total bookworm. The only thing I love better than a good book is enjoying a good book outside! What could possibly make that even better? A good book, outside, about yearning to balance being a mom with being outside. So basically, Carrie Visintainer wrote all of the thoughts that I’m feeling everyday down […]

Best Family Road Trip Songs

We’ve all been there (if you have kids or have taken kids on a driving trip) — about an hour in to  your trip, the kids want music. Dad likes country. Mom likes folk or bluegrass and indie. The kids like crazy stuff that you’d swear could be used for some ruthless interrogation tactics. How […]

Crazy 8 and National Geographic Get Weird… BUT True Together!

Crazy 8 has teamed up with National Geographic to bring 8 of their “Weird But True” facts to life in a line of t-shirts for kids! As of June 1st, the collection of t-shirts are available exclusively online at the Crazy8 Weird But True National Geographic line. Crazy 8 is a children’s clothing brand that makes fun, fashion-forward, age appropriate […]

These Shoes Were Made for Walking: Jambu Review

Recently, I visited Disney for work. Yes, I know, it sounds contrived, but really, a conference was held at the flagship resort, Disney’s Grand Floridian and I needed to be there. I’m a reformed Disney hater. Yes, I said it. I used to loathe Disney — but after I realized that you just need to find your […]

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