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It’s Not IF but WHEN. Apocabox: Subscription Box [Review] Part 1

As I’ve said, my husband and I have a bit of a prepper streak running through us. I didn’t call it that when I was younger, until I met him. I was just a super great adult girl scout. But prepper sounds less creepy! As the motto here in the title lets on, a typical […]

DIY Survival Kits for the Whole Family feat. Nalgene

We’ve read the books. We’ve played around with building fires and setting deadfall traps. We’ve even dabbled a bit in shelter building. Our four-year-old could probably best some of the folks on the popular reality TV series. He has a genuine interest in survival and wilderness skills. If your kid is like ours, then you’ll […]

Survival for Families: Talking to Young Kids About Survival

Sometimes, if there is an important message or concept we want to make sure “hits home” with our young son, we will use a book to illustrate our point. This is also helpful if a message could be interpreted as scary or a “big” concept, like death. However, with survival, we keep it real. We […]

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