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Kids, Bullying, Wolves and Hope – How They All Relate

It’s built into our nature and that of other mammals to develop a “pecking order.” A hierarchy. To establish rank and class. Some of this behavior is natural and if not beneficial, than at least benign. At times though, its extreme. This is when we cross over from “finding one’s place in the world” to […]

Playing it Micro Cool with Terramar Sports [review]

MicroCool is still hot in our family. At least until November — then we’ll probably be rushing our closets to find those heftier layers to pile on as autumn winds weave in and out of the aspen leaves, ushering them to the ground with a chilly breath. Summer was a HOT one! If you are […]

They Ship. We Explore. – BivySak Subscription Box [Review]

Subscription boxes rock my socks off. Or on. This box definitely left me with my socks ON. Not because it was lame – actually, quite opposite. Also not because I was cold, since we’ve been having a fantastic re-up of summer weather in October! But, the Autumn/Fall Box from BivySak was a fun foray into […]

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