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National Geographic Kids Boredom Busters – 5 Fun Books!

We managed to take the mother of all road trips with our three and a half year old. This year, we piled the now four-and-a-half year old in along with his seven month old brother and went half the distance with less success. Really we must have hit that magical road trip age the first […]

How to Build a Backyard Treefort: Part 2 [Climbing Wall]

Well, if you’ve gotten this far, you’ve erected some form of a structure that will serve as the “basecamp” of this whole operation. Congratulations! If both thumbs are in tact and you’ve no flesh wounds, all the better! Moving on, we’ll be establishing a climbing wall in this post. Let it be known that we […]

Cause an UpROAR – World Lion Day and Big Cat Week are the Mane Topics!

To Clear The Air So everyone is up in arms over Cecil, and to me, rightly so. I am a hunter, a gatherer, a subsistence liver. BUT, I believe in sustainability, the art and skill of hunting, and in a fair and legal hunt. Additionally, I do not know the facts of the allegedly unfair […]

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