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Veyda, Our Betta and How He Came to Our Family + [review]

The Story of Veyda the Betta I think I’ve had three Betta fish in my lifetime. None, have been as interesting as Veyda. Perhaps, it’s because he is a male, as are most, if not all Betta fish in stores. Sorry, Veyda, if we’ve caused you a complex. We already had two cats and a […]

From the Fireline to the Forest with Family: The BEST Socks for Adventure!

How The Quest Began After a short career — about ten years — in fire boots (I mean trees, not houses, by the way — wildfire), I hung up the boots at least temporarily to become a mostly full-time mom. It’s been great. I miss the line everyday. But I do not miss spending my […]

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