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Expanding Horizons: By Land and By Sea 2014

So here we are. It seems like months of planning have really been YEARS. And yet somehow, the time flew. I have been doing laundry, dusting, rounding up odds and ends, prepping and packing for days now and I still feel unprepared for the undertaking that we’ll be embarking on in T-5 days!   Catch […]

How to Plan a Long Family Road Trip

As most of you now know, we’re headed to Alaska for a month. Canada will take about ten days of that time. We are going to be traveling in a borrowed minivan as light as possible, which is always a huge test of my will power. Here’s how we’re doing the pre-planning as we’re counting […]

Getting Kids Excited About the Exploration + a Fun Announcement

If you gauged who our family is by the circle of wonderful folks that we sometimes get to hang out with (like once in a blue moon) you would probably be surprised it’s not a Mountain Man convention. Nor is it a hippie circle with acoustic guitars and hand-knit organic beanies. We have mostly suburban […]

Successful Road Trips Part 1: Top Five Albums for Family Road Trips

I dread when my husband reaches for the radio dial. Yes – we still DO listen to the radio. Me? I’m an NPR, talk radio kind of gal. Needless to say, this does not please my son nor does it thrill my husband. But I cannot stand his constant Classic Country either. And neither of […]

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